About me
Coach - Psychic - Medium - Healer
My name is 

Please allow me to introduce myself. I have a wonderful family with a loving husband and three beautiful sons.

As long as I can remember I have already been in contact with the ´other´ world. I have had conversations, and could also see. I soon learned that it was not accepted and I successfully suppressed this ability. Occasionally, however it did emerge, and I doubted my sanity.

Increasingly, I came into contact with the deceased and with guides. In 2010 I decided to do something about it or do something with it. First I visited a psychologist to make sure I had all my marbles in a row. After being declared completely mentally healthy, I started looking for someone who could guide me.

By fate/universe/coincidence/kismet/god I ended up at a spiritual fellowship of Nicole Olderen. Through her I learned to properly deal with it and further develop my capacity. The rest of my path so far can be found on my spiritual resume. From caterpillar to butterfly.

Meanwhile, I learned a lot and I am still learning. I find it wonderful to expand my knowledge by attending courses and workshops. Everything I do, I pass on in my own courses and workshops. Everything that has use for you, take it with you on your own path. Also, I love to pass on my knowledge.

I feel grateful that I can now use my ability to help people move forward on their path, by means of giving readings or coaching sessions. Also, I am thankful for my well-paid job, for because of this it is possible for me to also help people that can not normally pay this kind of spiritual help.

Thankful to be able and being allowed to do this.
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